World Ceramics: Key Ideas

Richard Bresnahan American,
Teapot 1995
Stoneware with natural glazes
6-3/4 inches high, 8 inches long
Gift of Richard and Colette Bresnahan in honor of Sister Johanna Becker 96.25.2a,b

  • Richard Bresnahan creates unique pottery that combines Japanese tradition with American ingenuity.

  • All steps in the process of making this teapot relied on the use of natural materials and renewable resources from the environment surrounding Bresnahan's studio.

  • The unglazed vessel was fired in a specially designed wood-burning kiln that created a soft surface texture with flashes of rich, warm colors.

  • This teapot is meant to be used; its shape aids in the brewing of a
    well-made cup of tea, enhancing the relationship of host and guest. 

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