World Ceramics: Additional resources

Resources on the World Wide Web

Art History, no text, exterior photos of Bresnahan's studio at St. John's University

Art History and Process, High school reading level, St. John's website about Bresnahan

Art History and Process, High School reading level, Honolulu Star Article with images of the master and his work with Nakazato Takashi, Bresnahan's teacher

Cultural Anthropology, High School reading level, the best organized tea ceremony page, most attractive aesthetically. Includes article THE JAPANESE TEA CEREMONY: TEA FOR ALL NATIONS by Brother Joseph Keenan, Ph.D., FSC; information covers philosophy, aesthetic, and cultural value of the Tea Ceremony, plus virtual tea room in Quick time VR

Resources in Print

Bresnahan, Richard. "First Fire." Studio Potter 24, no. 2 (June 1996): 50-53.

Cort, Louise Allison and Malcolm Wright. "The Peters Valley Woodfire Conference." Studio Potter 12, no. 2 (June 1984): 81-88.

Lopez, Barry. "Before the Temple of Fire." Harper's Magazine (January 1998): 35-50.

Welch, Matthew. "Out of the Fire." Arts Magazine (April 1996): 8- 9.


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