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Diné Bracelet
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Balance and Harmony
Diné Hogans
A Navajo hogan in Arizona
A Navajo hogan in Arizona

The traditional home of the Diné (Navajo) was a structure made of tree bark, poles, and earth called a hogan. Many Diné (Navajo) continue to build and live in hogans today. Like the bracelet, the hogan is constructed according to hozho.

Hogan Diagram


Imagine that you are looking down on a hogan with its roof removed. The hogan is of a circular shape divided into four sections by the supporting poles. The doorway (framed by double poles) faces to the east to welcome the morning sun. The other poles point to the west, north, and south; together the supporting poles point to the four sacred mountains of the Diné (Navajo) homeland.

Navajo tribal web site:

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