Restoring a Masterwork I: Castiglione's Immaculate Conception with Saints Francis of Assisi and Anthony of Padua - Fall 1999
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Problem Areas

Angels to the left of the Virgin

Observed: Abrasions to the paint surfaces on the face, arms, and shoulders of the upper angel and on the arm of the little angel; a scrape with discolored retouching across the mandolin.

Angels to the right of the Virgin

Observed: Abrasions to the paint surface in the flesh tones of both angels; many pentimenti (changes in the composition which are now showing through the upper paint layers) in the red robe, the cloud, the halo above the saint's head, and the upper angel's arm.

Lower left corner of the painting

Observed: Heavy abrasions and overpainting on Saint Francis's foot; dark overpaint; large hole with fabric insert and discolored overpaint from an old restoration, just above the coat of arms; coat of arms probably added at a later date.

Lower right corner of painting

Observed: Pressure-sensitive tape around the edge of the image; horizontal scratch across the stem of the lily; retouching on the book; dark, discolored retouching scattered throughout.