Restoring a Masterwork I: Castiglione's Immaculate Conception with Saints Francis of Assisi and Anthony of Padua - Fall 1999
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Midwest Art Conservation Center Joan Gorman and David Marquis are senior paintings conservators on the staff of the Midwest Art Conservation Center (MACC), a nonprofit regional center for the preservation and conservation of art and artifacts, located at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Founded in 1977, MACC is an art conservation laboratory and field education service, providing examination and treatment of works of art on paper, paintings and murals, indoor and outdoor sculpture, decorative arts, ethnographic artifacts, and textiles. It serves 150 member organizations in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and North Dakota and corporate collections and private collectors in the Upper Midwest and elsewhere.

More information on MACC can be found on its website at

Conservation as Stewardship

The principal curatorial mission of any art museum is the preservation of its collections. This is a sacred public trust that merits the same fervor of commitment and ample allocation of resources as educational programming and loan exhibitions.

With nearly nine hundred works in the Institute's paintings collection alone, conservation needs are unrelenting and far exceed available funds. The costs of complex treatments of large works are especially punishing and impossible to meet without outside support. In this instance, we gratefully acknowledge the generous contributions of American Express, the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, the Marbrook Foundation and the Paintings Curatorial Council of The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Past Restorations

You may examine a selection of the works recently restored by selecting one of the paintings below.

Delacroix-Before Restoration Delacroix-After Restoration Canaletto-Before Restoration Canaletto-After Restoration
Robert-Before Restoration Robert-After Restoration Derain-Before Restoration Derain-After Restoration

Click to examine some past restorations.