World Ceramics: Key Ideas

Zsolnay Ceramic Factory
Pécs, Hungary
About 1910
Porcelain with luster and other glazes
Designed by Sándor Hidasy Pilló
or Terez Mattyasovszky
12-3/4 inches high, 9-3/4 inches in diameter
Gift of the Decorative Arts Council

  • This vase was made at the Zsolnay (zhawl-nay) Ceramic Factory in Pécs, (paych) Hungary, which gained reknown in the late nineteenth and eary twentieth centuries for its vivid LUSTER GLAZES.

  • The images on the vase combine traditional Hungarian decoration with more up-to-date ART NOUVEAU plant and landscape forms.

  • This highly decorative vase was made to be enjoyed as an art object by those who could afford it.
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