World Ceramics: Key Ideas

Japan, Middle Jomon period
Deep Jar
About 3000-2000 B.C.
Earthenware with modeled and impressed decor
22 inches wide, 21-1/4 inches high
The Ethel Morrison Van Derlip Fund

  • This prehistoric EARTHENWARE pot was made by the Jomon (JO- mohng) people, the first culture to produce CERAMIC wares in Japan.
  • The artist who made the deep jar pressed long COILS of clay together to form a distinctive shape and then applied the imaginative rim at the top.
  • The cylindrical body is lightly textured with diagonal LOW- RELIEF designs made by rolling or pressing rope or cord patterns into the wet clay.
  • This jar was probably used during religious ceremonies, perhaps at times for cooking over an open fire.

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