World Ceramics

Image of Seed JarThis seed jar was made by Dextra Quotskuyva (coat-SKWEE-va), a great-grandaughter of the famous Hopi-Tewa potter Nampeyo. Quotskuyva lives and works in northern Arizona, at Kykotsmovi (kee-COAT-smo-vee), a Hopi village found at the farthest reaches of the lands of the pueblos. The Pueblo people are Native Americans of diverse backgrounds and languages who live in more than thirty villages stretching from Taos, New Mexico, to northern Arizona.

In 1692, to escape Spanish armies, the Tewas abandoned their pueblo near Santa Fe and migrated to a Hopi village called Hano, on the first of three arid and rocky MESAS deep in the isolated plateaus of north-central Arizona. Their descendants, the Hopi- Tewa people, still live on First Mesa and are especially known for their pottery making. Their skills and techniques have been passed down through the generations.

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