World Ceramics: Key Ideas

Image of Seed Jar Dextra Quotskuyva
Hópitu (Hopi-Tewa),
born 1928
Southwest region (United States), Arizona
Seed Jar
Ceramic with vegetable and mineral pigments
4-1/2 inches high,
15 inches in diameter
The John R. Van Derlip Fund

  • The potter Dextra Quotskuyva (coat-SKWEE-va) is a member of the distinguished Nampeyo family of artists who live on the mesas of north-central Arizona.
  • Quotskuyva made the seed jar using the hand-built COILING METHOD. Then she scraped and sanded it to achieve its final form.
  • The wide flattened shoulder of the jar contains freehand patterns based on GEOMETRIC SHAPES and animal forms.
  • Pueblo pots, once made as food and water containers, have largely become art objects made to satisfy the demands of collectors.
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