Petah Coyne
Untitled 752, 1992-93
Wire, wax, found objects, metal chain, silk sleeves
56 x 51 x 37 inches
Courtesy Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinnati

Untitled 752 is one of Petah Coyne's beloved "girls," as she calls her hanging sculptures. Like its "sisters," Untitled 752 is an eerie combination of beauty and decay. Under a thick layer of white wax lie remnants of found objects, their once delicate forms disfigured by the wax coating. The accrual of objects and surfaces in Coyne's work symbolizes life's experiences. Most people retain memories of relationships and incidents from their past, and while older memories may fade, they persist. Coyne emphasizes the potency of memory through her use of found objects, which she believes carry reminders of their former use.

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