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Purcell-Cutts House
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The Site
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360 degree view - 1
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Urban Oasis
In addition to his lake view to the west and views of neighbors' gardens to the north and south, Purcell added an eastern garden, which enhanced the sense that the house was an oasis in an urban setting. Along with landscape architect Harry Franklin Baker, Purcell created a plan combining the qualities of structure and freedom that characterize the respect-the-site approach of Prairie School architects. A rectangular reflecting pool in front featured a small fountain and water plants. And informal plantings and ornamental trees throughout the site complemented annual plantings of nasturtiums, vinca vines, and water lilies in rectangular planters and in the pool.

In the 1920s, the Cutts family added a detached garage that is in keeping with the style of the house; it opens onto the alley at the northwest corner of the site. next stop >

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