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Martinez Pot
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How was it made?
Surface Designs
Surface Designs
Acoma Jar Comparison
Acoma Jar, New Mexico, Acoma Pueblo, Southwest region (United States), Vessel, about 1880, Ceramic, pigment, Gift of the Hennepin County Historical Society 89.93

These two jars were made by Pueblo artists of the Southwest region of the United States, and share the same shape and size. But that is where their similarities end. The two vessels have decorations that are very different. The pot above, made by Maria and Julian Martinez of the San Ildefonso Pueblo, relies on variations in texture to allow the figures on the completely black pot to be seen. The pot to the right, made by an artist from the Acoma Pueblo, relies on variations in line for its decoration. Contrasting black lines on a white background make the complex design stand out.

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