Surrounded by Beauty

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This collage was made to be displayed on a wall in a large space like a museum.

The abstract patterns created by the assembled wood pieces are based on the natural

Northwest Coast Southwest Mississippi Valley Northeast Woodlands Plains

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Morrison Collage Label: George Morrison, Anishinabe (Ojibwe) 1919-2000, Woodlands region (United States), Collage IX: Landscape, 1974, Wood, The Frances E. Andrews Fund  75.24

This large wood collage was made by George Morrison, an artist who was born on the Grand Portage Indian Reservation in Minnesota. Morrison studied art in New York and in Europe, and lived for many years in the New York area.

Morrison glued pieces of wood to a surface to create this abstract composition. Some of the pieces of wood were found in nature. Although we might not recognize it at first glance, the subject is a landscape. See if you can find some elements of nature: sky, land, water, rocks, horizon. Unlike other works of art in Surrounded by Beauty, this collage was made to be displayed on a wall rather than used for a specific, ordinary purpose.

In this search for my own reality, I seek the power of the rock, the magic of the water, the religion of the tree, the color of the wind, and the enigma of the horizon.

- George Morrison

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