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Key Ideas
Native people lived along the Mississippi River long before European explorers came to North America.

Archaeologists gave the name "Mound Builders" to ancient people who built mounds along the Mississippi River.

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Introduction --
Mound Cities
Vessel & Bowl Label: Arkansas, Caddo, Mississippi Valley (United States) Arkansas or Oklahoma, Bowl & Vessel, 1250-1500, Ceramic, The Ethel Morrison Van Derlip Fund, 90.2.7 and 90.2.3

Earthen mounds are among the evidence left by a people who lived long ago along the Mississippi River. These people were farmers who settled into one area and stayed through all the seasons of sowing, growing and reaping. Since pottery is heavy to move and breaks easily, it is not usually made by people who are continually on the move.

Bowl & Vessel Native Amercan History and Culture

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