Arthur Charles Radebaugh
American, 1906 - 1974
Bendix Products, 1937

H. 33 x W. 20-1/2 in.

In the 1920s, new and improved manufacturing techniques created a surplus of consumer goods. As supply began exceeding demand, dynamic graphic design became an essential means of persuading customers to buy a particular product. Poster designs were simplified, their images reduced to the essentials of product and brand name. Sharp linear compositions, with strong diagonals and aerial perspectives, as seen in this exceptional poster ad by an unidentified designer (there is evidence -- the partial signature in the lower right-hand corner and other documentation -- to suggest that the last name is Radebaugh), were floated on flat areas of background color, all carefully calculated to draw the eye immediately into the message.

The view "through a window into the future," is an unqualified embracement of the machine age and the promise it held. Note the look-alike Norwest Center, third building to the right in the upper left-hand corner.