Attributed to Hans Öfner
Austrian, 1880 - death date unknown
Argentor, manufacturer (Vienna)
Budvase, c. 1905

H. 9 x W. 3 1/2 x D. 2 1/2 in.

While Wiener Werkstätte’s principal designers have received considerable attention in the past decade, many of their Viennese contemporaries remain virtually unknown and unheralded. This unique bud vase is attributed to one such designer, Hans Öfner, who trained at both the Vienna Kunstgewerbeschule and Josef Hoffmann’s School of Architecture in the early 1900s. A designer of both metalwork and furniture, Öfner favored simple forms with struts and circular cutouts. He ingeniously set the glass panels of this vase at a slight angle to the metal frame.