Attributed to Koloman Moser
Austrian, 1868 - 1918
Sherry krug, c. 1900

H. 10 x W. 7 1/2 x D. 6 1/2 in.

Koloman Moser's imaginative and modernistic design approach had a considerable influence on applied arts in the early years of the Vienna Secession. In collaboration with the Viennese firm, E. Baklowits & Söhne (established in 1845), he created glasswork exceptionally advanced for its time.

The abstract bird likeness of this krug with its silverplated mount was one of several designs Moser created for Bakalowits, a firm noted for producing to the specifications of a designer rather than for a commercial market. Models were executed in both heliotrope and clear glass, the former being the more intriguing as the glass changes color from a smoky red to subtle green depending on the ambient lighting and backgrounds. Unlike many works of this period, the marriage between glass and metalwork has been thoughtfully resolved, one media fully complementing the other.