Louis Comfort Tiffany
American, 1848 - 1933
Floriform vase, c. 1900

H. 21 3/4 x Dia. 5 1/4 (base) in.

Louis Comfort Tiffany’s contributions as a colorist, naturalist, and innovator made him one of the finest glassmakers of all time. In 1880, he patented a type of handmade glass called Favrile (from the Latin faber, meaning artisan), which had an iridescent surface caused by exposing the hot glass to metallic fumes and oxides. Tiffany’s iridescent glass, in fact, soon became synonymous with Art Nouveau and was imitated by firms throughout America and Europe. No one, however, could match Tiffany’s brilliant colors, fantastic forms, or quality workmanship. This elegant vase is an early example of his peacock lusterware, which became one of his best-known and most popular products.