Theodore Hooft
Dutch, 1918 - 1965
Teapot with creamer and covered sugar bowl, c. 1930

Teapot:   H. 6 x W. 7 1/4 x D. 5 in.
Sugar bowl:   H. 4 5/8 x W. 5 1/8 x D. 4 in.
Creamer:   H. 2 1/2 x W. 4 1/4 x D. 3 in.

By 1917 in Holland, the exotic, organic decorations of Dutch Art Nouveau (Nieuwe Kunst) were giving way to the stark geometrical forms of De Stijl. Theodore Hooft, design director for the silverplate and pewter manufacturer Gero, was influenced by De Stijl ideas. Like Hooft’s other designs, this 1930 tea set has no ornamentation and was relatively inexpensive to produce because it presented few technical challenges. At the time, the global economy was in decline, and the works’ unadorned finishes and squared-off handles offered stylistic purity on a modest budget. The pieces, however, found little favor with a public still enamored of neoclassical and rococo designs.