Alfred Roller
Austrian, 1864 - 1935
A. Druck and A. Berger, lithographers (Vienna)
Embroidery design, 1901

H. 24 1/4 x W. 31 3/4 in.

The textile department of the Wiener Werkst├Ątte produced upwards of 18,000 designs, a reflection not only of its success but access to talented artists. Most of the fabrics were used for clothing, but tablecloths, napkins, lampshades, and cushions were made as well. Lacework and embroidery also proved to be an important sideline for the group. While Dagobert Peche and his followers had a flair for creating highly pictorial fantasies in lace, Alfred Roller devised bold abstractions in embroidery. No records have been found to indicate whether the pattern here was ever executed or not.