Pieter (Piet) Zwart
Dutch, 1885 - 1977
M.V. / J.S. Strang & Co., printer (Drukkerijen, The Hague)
ITF, 1928

image:   H. 42 1/4 x W. 30 5/8 in.
sheet:   H. 48 x W. 36 1/4 in.

In 1926 the Experimental Theater Association, WijNu, of The Hague began actively screening avant-garde films in a series of matinees. As a member of the group, Piet Zwart helped organize the 1928 International Film Exhibition to stimulate interest in the new medium. Using the letters ITF as a starting point, Zwart designed a graphic house style for all the exhibition publicity.

In this collage-like composition he combined a film strip image along with a set of penetrating eyes, a viewer staring intently through the film strip. His use of an arresting (if not unsettling) visual combined with typographic shorthand (particularly the oversized imprint of ITF) leaves an afterimage, an indelible mark in one’s conscious memory. It is a point well taken later by corporations searching for the perfect "unforgettable" logo.