Walter Dexel
German, 1890 - 1973
Figuration F-J, 1925

H. 9 x W. 4 1/4 in.

No documentation has surfaced that explains the purpose of this composition, which was executed the year following his Gasposter (p. 091). It is titled Figuration Fj,however, and quite likely was a typographical exercise. Or, possibly, it may have been a rendering for a commissioned piece, a stationery letterhead or monogram, or perhaps for an organization or company logo. Its utter simplicity yet visual punch is quite remarkable. A full capital "F" nicks the corner of the skinny "j" form printed in red. The outside edge of the "j" meets with the bottom edge of the "F," thereby creating a curvaceous negative space, an antidote to the otherwise severe angularity of the overall design.