Free Download

The Modernism screen saver is available here in a free downloadable lite version for Windows and Macintosh. This version displays animated graphics and nine Modernist objects from the museum's Modernism Web site.

Traditional Screen Saver:
This version acts as a regular screensaver, filling your screen when your computer has been inactive for a set amount of time, then disappearing when you move your mouse or hit any key on your keyboard.

Web-connected Screen Saver:
This version can be exited by clicking on a button or, after clicking on an object, will open your browser (Netscape or Explorer, for example) and take you to a wealth of information about Modernism in the Institute's online program.


For the deluxe version of the screen saver, containing 45 objects from the Modernism collection, stop by the Museum Shop at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

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