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For more about Gilles Peress:

Gilles Peress, Telex Iran: In the Name of Revolution,
Millerton, NY: Aperture, 1983

A large-format book that documents Peress’ travels during five weeks in the midst of the 1980 Iranian hostage crisis. Accompanied by telexes sent and received by Peress and the New York and Paris Magnum offices, as well as an essay by Iranian writer Gholam Sa’edi.

Gilles Peress, Farewell to Bosnia,
New York: Scalo Publishers, 1994

More than eighty photographs made during three months in Bosnia in 1993. Peress writes in the book’s introduction that he “set out only to provide a visual continuum of experience, existence,” and not an explanation of the events in Bosnia. Also includes a few letters to colleagues and a diary entry.

Gilles Peress, The Silence,
New York: Scalo Publishers, 1995

Photographs of violence in the ethnic clash of Hutus and Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994. No explanation seems possible for these very disturbing photos.

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A site designed by Peress and featuring many of his Bosnia photos, including those from a return trip after 1994. Also includes audio files of Peress talking about his work on Bosnia and background information about the recent political developments in Yugoslavia.


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