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Titles are important in the Surrealist work of Eva Fuka…

People ask me who was your idol, who do you copy or was your influence and I never was influenced. I was just doing my own work and didn’t look right or left. That is why I became more original than others, that’s what I think!

-Eva Fuka, 1999

The top rooster in the trio (yes, there are three; look closely) wants to know, who will wake up the day after I am gone? Or are we asking the question? Titles are important in the Surrealist work of Eva Fuka, and she uses them to confuse the issues, make bizarre contrasts, or in this case, put the viewer in the place of the subject of the photo. In Surrealism, everyday objects and events take on additional, sometimes otherworldly, meanings. According to Fuka, this is what real life is all about. On the other hand, she never completely leaves behind her sense of the formal parts of the picture. When asked if the objects in the background of this photo could be read as crosses, Fuka says, laughing, “Oh no, the shape of them reminded me of the feet of the chicken, its claws. That is why I like them there.” (Interview with Eva Fuka, 1999)


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Minneapolis Institute of Arts