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Deep Space

Light Effects

The cobblestones in this picture are a clue to its location. Prague, Czechoslovakia, where Eva Fuka lived and worked when she took this picture, is famous for its cobblestoned streets. Fuka waited to snap the photograph until the woman with the baby carriage was in a position to make the most of the deep space in the scene. Click on the deep space diagram bar above to see it.

The light that creates all the atmosphere in this picture is a difficult effect to achieve. When a light source like the sun shines directly into the lens of a camera it creates exposure problems for the photographer. If Fuka had set her camera to expose for the amount of light coming from the sky, the buildings in the picture would be too dark and all of their detail would be lost. If Fuka set her camera to expose the buildings’ details, the beautiful atmospheric effects of the light might be lost. The solution? Position the camera so the light source is hidden behind a tree, reducing the amount of light shining into the camera. Reducing the amount of light allowed Fuka to expose the film at the setting that produced details in the shadowy buildings and plenty of atmosphere.

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