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For more about Berenice Abbott:

Berenice Abbott, Berenice Abbott Photographs,
New York: Horizon Press, 1970

An overview of the work of Berenice Abbott shown through photographs selected by Berenice Abbott, with an introduction by poet Muriel Rukeyser.

Hank O’Neal, Berenice Abbott American Photographer,
New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1982

The only biography of Abbott in print, it covers all of her work through the 1980s.

Bonnie Yochelson, Berenice Abbott: Changing New York,
New York: The New Press, 1997

A new and improved edition, this book includes all of the photographs in Abbott’s ten-year photo documentary of New York. More than 300 pictures are divided into regions with detailed maps and captions from the original research. Includes a lively essay by Yochelson about Abbott’s New York work.

Berenice Abbott, New Guide to Better Photography,
New York: Crown Publishers, Inc., 1953

The second updated edition of Abbott’s Guide to Better Photography, this how-to manual is illustrated with photographs by Abbott and others. Includes a revealing chapter on composition, Abbott-style.

Kay Weaver and Martha Wheelock, Berenice Abbott, A View of the 20th Century,
Los Angeles: Ishtar Films, 1992 (Color, 59 minutes)

An entertaining documentary film about Berenice Abbott’s career, narrated by the artist.

Classic Essays on Photography, ed. Alan Trachtenberg,
New Haven, Conn.: Leete’s Island Books, Inc., 1951

Abbott’s essay written for a photo magazine detailing her views on both photography as art and documentary photography.

Link to Museum of the City of New York

All of the Abbott photos from her study of New York on-line, plus the essay by Bonnie Yochelson from the newly released book, Changing New York

Evans G. Valens, The Attractive Universe: Gravity and the Shape of Space,
Cleveland: World Publishing Co., 1969


Illustrated by Berenice Abbott, this little book explores the laws of gravity on earth and in space and exemplifies Abbott's ideas about explaining scientific theories through photography.


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