Coloring Page Printing Instructions

It's easy to print out coloring pages with any computer printer and then color them with crayons or markers.

Here's what you'll need:
1) A black and white or color ink jet or laser printer.
2) Apple Macintosh* or Microsoft Windows/NT PC.
3) A recent web browser (Netscape's Navigator 4.0 or greater or Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater).

Follow these easy instructions and you'll be ready to start coloring:
1) Select the individual work of art you wish to print.
2) Click on the "View Printable Image" button on the bottom of the screen.
3) Select "Page Setup" or "Print Preview" under the "File" menu and turn off the page headers and footers. This eliminates unnecessary text from appearing on the top and bottom of your coloring page. Macintosh users see additional setup instructions below.
4) Use your web browser's "Print" command under the "File" menu to print the page.
5) Use your browser's "Back" button or the link on the printable page to return to the Coloring Book index.

* Special Page Setup Instructions for Macintosh users.
Microsoft Internet Explorer
1) Select "Print Preview" under the "File" menu
2) Select "Shrink pages to fit"
3) Deselect "Headers and footers"
4) Select "Print images"

Netscape Navigator
1) Select "Page setup" under the "File" menu.
2) Select "Netscape" using the pull down menu in the upper left of the "Page Setup" window.
3) Select "Fit to page if possible"
4) Set all footers and headers to "None"