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The Artist's Toolkit: Visual Elements and Principles
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Judy Onofrio: Video Screenshot

I'm Judy Onofrio. I'm a sculptor. I work with found objects. Basically, that gives me the opportunity to collect anything I want-teapots, glass, ceramics, marbles, keys, whatever... I'm gonna use all the props that the forms came from, I'm gonna cut up some of these...

I really like pattern a lot and like building up pattern in my own work, lots of times with glass and ceramic. And here it's like building it up with layers of color flat and kind of trimming it up so it gets to the shape that I want. I guess I need to have some shoulders across here.

That should be bigger. See if I can make that a little bit bigger. Now I want to start building it up and making it more interesting for myself so gonna start laying in some bits that are like mosaics. Now when I cut these up, I'm cutting them up not just like a perfect triangle or a perfect square but sometimes I'm making the surface where I cut it just like a little round so that it will conform nicely to another piece of mosaic...

As I lay each of these pieces down, as I mentioned before, I continue to watch the relationship of like this piece to this piece in the space that I'm leaving in between... You notice I'm making my own rules as I go along, just figuring out what I want it to be...

I like these really sort of quirky shapes that come out of the found dropped pieces and they kind of like that feels to me like a weed or a bush or a part of some greenery in the garden and so I really like it as far as using shapes like that you can't exactly tell what they are... Oh, she definitely needs a necklace, that's for sure. What will that be? ... I'm right at that stage where how much more do I add, or do I add any more, or is this piece done? Have I taken it as far as it can go? I think it's pretty much done.

Final Composition

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