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Yamantaka Mandala

Mandala Teacher's Guide


This teacher's guide was produced by the Department of Museum Guide Programs and the Department of Teacher Resources at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Essay research and writing by Bonnie Gainsley

Discussion questions by Susan Hundman and Bonnie Gainsley

Activities by Bonnie Gainsley

For assistance developing these materials, special thanks are due Glen Keitel, Minneapolis Institute of Arts docent; Ted Kotsonas, Richfield High School (retired), Richfield, Minnesota, and Minneapolis Institute of Arts docent; and the following members of the Institute's Teachers Advisory Committee: Joanna Cortright, Twin Cities music educator; Lynn Jermal, Associate Professor of Art, University of Wisconsin-River Falls; Pat LeFebvre, Battle Creek Elementary School, St Paul, Minnesota; Laura Pereira, Westwood Middle School, Blaine, Minnesota; and Ginny Wheeler, Burnsville Senior High School, Burnsville, Minnesota.

Edited by Elisabeth Sövik

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