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Mandala Teacher's Guide



1: Explore Issues of Art Preservation (Elementary, Secondary, Visual Arts, Social Studies)

Thanks to the efforts of scientists at the 3M company, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts was able to preserve the sand mandala for future generations. Discuss with your students the issues involved in preserving such a work. Talk about the unique collaboration of a museum, scientists, and Tibetan monks. Consider the tradition of an impermanent artform versus a desire to educate the public and build understanding. Think of permanent and impermanent materials that we encounter in everyday life. Ask the students if they try to preserve things-for instance, old photographs, recordings, or videotapes.

2: Be Inventive (Elementary, Secondary)

Scientists from 3M discovered suitable sand particles and special adhesives that made it possible to preserve the sand mandala. Ask the students to consider what new scientific discovery might be useful to them in their lives. Have them watch for new inventions in the newspapers, on television, and on the Internet

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